Interier design

Exclusive apartment equipment in the Skypark project in Bratislava

A closer description of the implementation

It's a 3-room.investment apartment for rent. The client handed us the apartment in standard with the ordered kitchen, further "he could not give advice". The realization took about 2 months, but we would certainly have made it sooner, but the final finishing could have come only after the kitchen had run out, which put us a little brake on it. The client's request was that wooden décor be used in the apartment, so that there is enough storage space to remain airy, but at the same time not fabulous. Simply interesting for a wider range of potential rental seekers. We finished the apartment turnkey and handed over to the client in the form, as you can see in the photos, including all accessories. So everything was in our direction except the choice of kitchen. 

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Interior design by Erika Mikulec Grey

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